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Important information about spark plugs
What is the spark plug? What is the function of the engine spark plugs?
Two electrodes and the spark plug porcelain is called the track. A spark jumping a range of engine cylinders to provide

What is the function of the engine spark plugs?

Combustion chamber ignition energy of spark plug to the task to move the arc formed between the electrode and stuck-camera next to the air fuel mixture is to start. Ignition coil from the battery to the electrical energy by raising the average value of 30 thousand volts to the spark plugs, and in a timely transfer of these high-energy spark nails (electrodes) between the combustion spark turns into starters. Ideal location to take place, the next spark plug is very important. Spark plugs, ignition chamber fuel-air mixture was compressed in the best in all conditions and other factors can influence fire somewhere places.

Spark plugs should be changed, how often?
Terms of use and vary depending on the type of spark plug, but a standard spark plug should be replaced at the end of 15 thousand km can be said.

What are the factors which shorten the life of spark plugs?

Shortens the life of spark plugs is the major factor in poor fuel. Another important factor is the motor system disorders of the settings. This setting of motor disorder constantly work with a rich mixture of examples can be shown. Fills out a time when the use of the automobile spark plugs can be understood?

If your car has begun to consume more fuel than normal, you do misfire, and the first move is difficult for departures during the slow rise, this problem may be caused by spark plugs.

How can we change ourselves, our tool for spark plugs?

A few laps before loosening and removing the spark plug should be using compressed air or brush surrounding the spark plug should be cleaned. Plug fully into the cylinder is removed so that the unwanted parts fall is prevented. If the plug is too tight then loosen it a little into gear to search oil and rust solvents should be drip, after waiting a while to be completely dismantled. Otherwise you can damage the cylinder head.

When installing the spark plug and the engine will be in contact with each other (to kiss) surfaces must be clean to be considered. Possible while the torque wrench and tightened spark plug should be tightened. Recommended spark plugs fit until you get bored the way first, then tighten by hand according to the list below with torque wrench is common. Torque wrench does not have;
- New spark in the (flat surface and scaly) fit until the hands and 90 degrees then the key must be tightened.
- Used the 30 degrees of spark plugs should be tightened.
- Conical surface plugs fit in with the hand and then tightened with a key should be 15 degrees.

Attention to the foregoing may be damaged plugs, and unless fully fulfill the task may not

The difference between long passes and short passes are the spark plugs?

Duties and performance of spark plugs and short passes, long passes, as there is no difference between them. Depending on the structure of the engine's spark plugs need to be long or short passes, but used the wrong times can occur for various incidental.
- Short passes instead of spark plugs used in the event of a long pass toward the spark plug combustion chamber and piston may damage the beetle is. Teeth which may not be able to dismantle because of carbonization is also plugs overheating.
- Short passes, long passes, instead of the combustion chamber is inserted into huji necessary and consequently can not make the extension necessary in the ignition can not.
- He will clean nails and higher education institutions can not reach the required temperature bonds.

What kind of special type of spark plugs engine peformansına contributions are there?

Special types of structures need to spark more work at low temperatures in cold çalışabildıklerı your vehicle's performance are good. In addition, temperatures lower than their removal rate of contamination is very low. Yet very little loss of structure due to the top. Especially the different quotes to make The material indicated that the basic differences zorlaştırır.Yukarıda pollution as adequate and properly prolong the life of spark plug ignition, fuel savings, the real power provides advantages such as continuity of work.

Other useful information about motor-gearbox.
Make the engine's heat problem stems from the failure of cooling systems. Cooling system, the ideal temperature for the engine to provide engine heating engine when cold, warm when the engine temperature to get the more fulfilling the process of cooling system. These systems serve the purpose of bringing the location that prevents many factors are: Cooling fluid reduction of honeycomb radiator of the lime or dirt due to external blockage, or thermostats fa degradation fan of gauge malfunction of the engine block on the water penetrating the stopper, fan belts and the circulation pump problems.

What is boiling water?
Due to the lack of cooling liquid enough to overheat the engine temperature does not cool down and water will boil. Motor boiling water, engine coolant indicates a decrease. The reduction of cooling fluid, such as evaporation or leakage from the engine's cooling fluid may be in question may also consume. The main reasons for the decrease of coolant fluid between the transmission of cracks in pipes, hose clamps from the joints and the leaks from the circulation pump can be counted. Radiator hoses and radiator cap of the leaks are frequently seen in the region. Engine's cooling fluid to consume the main seal or a damaged engine block cylinder head gasket or a fracture of the combustion can occur.

Vehicles, especially in the summer because the water will boil?

The vehicle cooling system failures in summer and winter water will boil. However, boiling water problem in summer than in winter months often are experiencing a reality. The reason for this hot summer with the increasing influence of evaporation. The cooling fluid evaporates, are reduced and the engine will cause the water could boil. During the summer months with high temperature heated air, the radiator to cool the liquid begins to provide insufficient. Congested traffic and "stop-up" ist reduces the radiator and engine air intake temperature begins to rise. During this cooling process to fulfill the radiator fan to work harder to cool the liquid in the works. A deficiency in the level of coolant in your vehicle or other cooling system problem or continue to perform the same task. Otherwise, the engine boiling water is inevitable.

Or water when boiling when the engine temperature should be doing?

Temperature indicator needle in your vehicle, red or "hot" region is shown as if approaching, immediately turn off air conditioner. Air conditioning with air when the engine heats to go. Therefore, the closure of air helps to cool the engine. Pointer continues to move, or if you see water vapor at the top of the hood, just a convenient place to pull your vehicle, motor vehicle stop and you must leave it to cool down. By opening the hood, the engine's cooling can help. Check engine coolant level should be completed if it is missing.

After you complete the process of liquid cooled engines must be done. Adding a liquid to be done when the engine is hot water and steam pressure can cause injuries such as may occur from the hot liquid to be done to add an engine to the engine block cracked up to create permanent damage.

However, when you encounter such a problem before any intervention in the path of your company to help or encourage you to call emergency services phone.

In case this is not possible after the engine cools down until you reach the nearest service at low revs and speed you need to go.

Despite the heat to continue the road Is it objectionable?
Done under the same conditions using a heat engine if it is continue to make advances to the knock knock başlar.Avans, cooling system is not working shows. However, the motor is still trying to continue the road crash that can cause piston jams. Advances need to do when you start to hear the knock, stop the car, as a professional technical service contact to get help.

Cooling system to keep the first day's performance, users should be careful what?
First day of the performance of your vehicle's cooling system can maintain the level of coolant, whether cracks in hoses and pipes must be checked constantly. Cracks on the radiator hose is difficult to see with the naked eye because I recommend them to manually check the radiator hose. Hose is extremely hard or too soft your vehicle to an authorized service should take immediately. Hose clamps and rust or white spots that occur in joints also is useful to pay attention. Because the problems in these regions indicates leakage in the system.

Cooling system maintenance should be done how often?
Cooling system in each maintenance period should be checked necessarily. Also in the cooling system antifreeze with rust preventive properties is antifreeze in the cooling system should be used summer and winter. Within antifreeze corrosion (rust) inhibitor additives lose their effect over time. For this reason the 6-year cooling system antifreeze in the antifreeze in blue, orange antifreeze should be changed only 10 years. During the exchange of water used antifreeze "pure water" should be especially careful to be.

"More anti-freeze, provides better cooling" of the judiciary is true?

Absolutely not. Antifreeze, engine cooling water temperature would not normally allowed to work safely in the engine cooling water is added to the engine, raise the boiling point of water, the lower the freezing point is the chemical contribution. Normally the vehicle is located, depending on the region's climate and geographical conditions, the percentage varying between 20 to 60 percent is added to the engine cooling water. This ratio to be out on the water will reduce the cooling capacity and cause losses.

There are several types of cooling systems?
Air-cooled and liquid cooled engines to be used two different systems. In air-cooled engine oil by heating and cooling air is cooled engine. Liquid-cooled engines, the operation of the engine cooling fluid circulating within channels (water and antifreeze mixture) are provided by. In today's modern engines, air-cooled systems is inadequate for congested traffic environments now replaced with a more modern system of water-cooled system left.


What is ABS?
ABS, vehicle stability is used, can increase the ability to maneuver and stop a braking system. Four-wheel ABS, wheel locks prevent the driver in emergency braking situations provides stability and direction control. The first time in 1936, developed and patented in Germany, the ABS, German "antiblockiersystem." the term has been shortened and the English Anti-lock Brake System is similar in meaning. ABS, in the vicinity of each wheel to detect the rotational speed of the wheels lose traction and that the sensors detect the key has to be. Electronic control unit (ECU-Electronic Control Unit) to evaluate these signals, brake pressure, wheel lock that prevented by modifying the hydraulic control unit (hcu-Hydraulic Control Unit) to send commands.

ABS work?

Drive four-wheel ABS 'li a vehicle brake pedal hard to press, the system automatically organized in the four-wheel brake pressure, wheel locks to prevent the brake pressure on each wheel, regardless of settings. ABS, brake 18 times per second to pump up the drives ability to some extent provides routing.

Four-wheel and two rear-wheel ABSs' difference?
Four-wheel ABS, emergency stopping conditions and enhanced vehicle stability is designed to maintain the ability to maneuver. Four-wheel ABS-equipped braking system in a vehicle, each of the four wheels to prevent wheel lock, the drive to provide enhanced routing control regulates the braking pressure.
Rear-wheel ABS, the more trucks, vans and sports vehicles are seen and only the rear wheels in the wheel lock is used to prevent it. This system to maintain stability and direction to drive the vehicle back helps to prevent slipping from side to side. Rear-wheel ABS system is still in the front wheels just like in the conventional brake has a tendency to crash. If deadlock occurs, the front wheel drive, brake pedal pressure, enough to start turning again should decrease. Thus, the driver can drive vehicles.

ABS works How to tell?

Become active in most of the DVDs ABS system can be understood by the driver. Hear a sound and some pressure fluctuations mechanical drive or brake pedal feels that further increased the hardness. Noise is heard or felt pressure fluctuations, the foot is important to keep the brake pedal. Should continue to apply hard pressure.

With ABS and don'ts
Suitable for use in a safe and effective four-wheel ABS braking system. Maximum security and take advantage of the system for all drivers to know accurately how to work the ABS system and applications is required. These rules are listed below:

Keep your foot on the brake
While routing the four-wheel ABS brakes to maintain proper working hard and continuous pressure on the Keep. Brake pedal, even when oscillations Avoid pumping the brake. However, in vehicles equipped with rear-wheel ABS, front wheel has a tendency to crash, such as conventional brakes. If deadlock occurs, the driver for vehicles direction, brake pedal pressure to the front wheels start turning again should reduce enough.

Leave enough distance to stop

Three seconds in front of vehicles in good conditions, bad conditions should be monitored more time behind.

Make a practice driving with ABS
ABS pressure fluctuations that occur when trying to learn how you feel. To make space for emergency braking and parking spaces may be appropriate.

Start using the tool catalog
For additional information about driving the car with ABS catalog be sure to look at.

ABS with vehicles do not use crazy
ABS with vehicles quickly turn back to you, change lanes or sudden maneuvers right to make sudden stops. This type of behavior is safe nor suitable.

Do not pump the brakes
Four-wheel ABS brake pump for American vehicles, the system open and close off. ABS brakes for you automatically and much faster rate and at the pump provides better directional control.

Do not forget the wheel

Four-wheel ABS, emergency braking if the driver provides a way to check. During the vehicle stop routing fully until your foot down as hard to hold the brake pedal. Do not take your foot from the brake pedal the ABS because it separates. With ABS braking ability during the routing, even if your vehicle on slippery roads in the dry road may not return until crisp. Rear-wheel drive carefully and use vehicles with ABS brakes hard to do and they feel the wheels begin to lock, a slight decrease pressure.

Mechanical noise and / or from small pedal vibrations do not panic
ABS-equipped vehicles that occur when the brake noises and / or a small vibration of the pedal do not panic. These conditions are normal, and allows the driver know ABS is working.

Usually stops quickly than traditional ABS brakes, but can not change the laws of physics

Usually wet and icy surfaces, or hardened ABS snow-covered roads can provide better braking. Although traditional systems typically encountered in hard braking wheel locked up, but not dangerous, sandy gravel roads or new-fallen snow in the braking and stopping time may be longer.


ASR (Traction Control System)
ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation - momentum shift control) system, brakes and engine management system with by checking the drive wheels lose traction, the ability to detect this state as the wheel slows down and sliding prevent the drive dynamic lateral and longitudinal control capabilities provides. This feature is especially decreased ability to draw sandy, snowy, wet road conditions is useful.

The system according to the state or the performance of the road surface as a function of the control provides optimum driving.
Regardless of whichever system to reduce engine torque sent by or through the ABS is engaged in coordination with the brakes each wheel independently.

For modern vehicles such as traction control ABS is becoming an important security feature. But to take full advantage of the capabilities, the traditional style of driving is necessary to make it a conscious transition. Traction control if you have a vehicle capable, as in ABS to learn the characteristics of the system by finding a safe area, make the driving test. Additional information for driving the vehicle that do not neglect to read the catalog.

ASR types

Limited slip differential

This system, for any state to provide the best traction motor torque transfer is the system. This non-electronic system, usually as good as new traction control system can not perform the task. Modern limited slip (limited-slip) differentials in good condition just before the power shift is capable of transfer to the wheels, but the two wheels in slippery, the system is becoming ineffective.

Traction control brake system
This system will function just like the opposite of ABS. This type of system using several sensors and components such as ABS braking is applied to prevent the rotation of the wheels is wasted. Each wheel is controlled independently and that the grounds for various slipperiness provides a perfect arrangement. Usually inexpensive and very effective, this system is designed for low-speed shift. The system uses brake system, high-speed friction shifting and heat output is too many and can damage the brake system elements.

Traction and driveline control.
This system, any wheel or wheels speed floating power sent to delays. Brake traction control system, such as the ABS-type sensors that use this system, the following four operations applied to a processor that has:
(a) gas cutting, so that the economy is provided,
(b) cutting the fuel supply,
(c) ignition advance to reduce or
cylinders off.
Most advanced driveline traction control systems and all of them are making them, in addition to the gas pedal pushed into the driver's foot is trying to warn the driver is. The system has all the power off on slippery roads, slip off the system in terms of the desire to have a button.


Fuel additives are put to the cause?

At the beginning of the factors determining the quality of fuel used additives income. These additives, fuel to be produced in order to win a variety of features and solid fuel into the proportions of certain chemicals.

The outline of this additive as follows.
- Anti-knock additives.
- Oxidation inhibitor additives.
- Anticorrosive additives.
- Anti-icing additives.
- Regulatory ignition additives.
- Detergent and Gom preventive additives.
- Upper piston-ring lubricant additives.
- Preventive activity of metal additives.
- Cetane-enhancing additives.
-Freezing point lowering additives.
Special additives are added to fuel, the engine until the fuel tank in contact with has protective effects on all parts.

Benefits are:

The engine's fuel and a protective layer on the combustion system ensures; cylinder surfaces, which manifoldda and carbon deposits and deposits in injectors and cleans parts. As a consequence of the engine life is extended, regular and complete burning of fuel for the savings is provided.

On the part of the engine air in contact with a protective layer ensures probable result and contacts prevents corrosion.

Over time of hydrocarbon chemical origin of the metal surfaces of engine wear and may constitute a large extent on the blocks.

Fuel pump to tank gun vehicle will bring blaze is being rapidly pump, this situation will cause the flow to be interrupted. However, the fuel used in additives prevent foaming in the formation of air bubbles is mania.

To remain clear of the engine, provides protection and increasing performance. Even after long-term use and regular operation of the engine helps keep clean.

Negative effects to a minimum amount of exhaust gas. Coming out of exhaust, air-polluting waste gases is reduced.

Providing fuel to the healthy side, institutions and prevents sediment. The carburetor, injector nozzles clean and always keeps sucking subaplarının.

European standards in 1993 with BP katıklı fuel had come to Turkey, Turkish consumers, today became prevalent later starting in 1995 with the fourth-generation fuel katıklı again met with BP.

BP Oil, four separate enriched additives:

1. Anti-oxidation additives

Important factors threatening the engine parts, parts in contact with air resulting in oxidation, which is rust. Of BP Oil, enriched with oxidation inhibitor additives. These additives, by creating a protective layer on engine parts, engine protects against corrosion.

2. Corrosion preventive additives
Of chemicals formed by metal corrosion on the surface is called corrosion. The contents of fuel in the combustion or results will exhaust chemicals, over time, engine parts, wear and tear on the causes and their consequences, Yakir system may occur del rusted or particles from the surface rupture and cause blockages that can get the engine's life shortens. BP Oil, corrosion preventive enriched with additives. This protective layer forming additives on engine components, reduces the negative effects of chemical substances. Anti-corrosion additives, and the main tank and pumps, and provides protection to the combustion system.

3. Anti-foaming additives

Transactions seen fuel, automatic pump to quickly pump gun is being stored vehicles are bubbling. Therefore, the automatic pump gun, tank track to be taken before the flow stops or fuel or less fuel means the process of obtaining space. Also, foaming from the overflow of the fuel tank there is a risk. BP Oil and foaming anti enriched with additives. These additives, fuel combustion while on the inside by preventing air bubbles formed, provides a regular flow.

4. Detergent additives
Even a small obstruction in the fuel and combustion system, fuel can dramatically influence the direction of the jet. This car is hard work, to misfire, power loss, fuel consumption and harmful exhaust gas can cause problems such as increased. Of BP Oil, enriched with detergent additives. These additives, fuel and combustion system by creating a protective layer on parts, fuel and oil source prevents the formation of carbon deposits and current deposits cleaner.

BP fuel, refineries before being taken from the available, supply the appropriate amount of points with specific dosing machines enriched with high quality additives. So when you receive fuel from BP is not necessary to put extra contributions. Content and an unknown amount of these additives with the addition of BP's fuel into the specific contributions of the properties of degradation, of the benefits to the motor in question is reduced. Always do your fuel supply from BP, do not put extra contributions. Keep your money in your pocket, get your engine running regularly and without problems.


NOS (Nitrous Oxyd) Prior Knowledge About NOS

A system designed specifically for NOS American cars are not. Only America is willing to modify the system used in the business of the distribution is wider. In airplanes, motorcycles and Marine are also used.

Any motor vehicle owned by the components of the power or remove more than capable of producing. But car manufacturers are giving the same performance in all conditions can or low levels of fuel economy is average for tutalabilmesi production do with horsepower. In fact, more with the engine air intake manifold to the camshaft and the compression piston with the increase, and needs the right fuel is much more horsepower can be produced.

Nos is a system that can produce only an effort requested. More data than the same period of time burned in the gas which emerges is a force.
So, given an extra burst of petrol burning engine components damage vermiyormu? Of course not. Correct kit and a power increase to scale jetlemelerle result is harmless.

NOS with:
1400 cc. in: 60 HP
1600 cc. in: 75 HP
1800-2000 cc. in: 100 HP
2500 cc. in: 125 HP
3000 cc. in: 140 HP

It is possible to obtain power.

In general, as characteristics kits are the same. The only difference of NOS and fuel injection nozzle hole diameter is different (jetleme). NOS use an extra load to the motor faces, so that the load in a healthy way to install it for something like 20 seconds for a period of usage time has been kept limited. Already more in our understanding of our race is unnecessary for the application. Pistons and rings crafted type your performance "forged" expression of the piston if you can install more hp, but you can not extend the time. In short, you move 10 meters to 50 kg heavy material we can, but I'll be tired in the 100 meters. If you would like to intermittent leave for 15 seconds and again after 15 seconds press and can print. Engine wear and certainly does not make this option is not to change some parts.

NOS have made over the + HP will provide all kinds of modifications, there is no interaction with the modifications. Motor life is proportional to the number of cycles to be done. Thus, for example the life of your engine is 200 million cycles, NOS, it does not reduce or detract never does, only allows you to complete this life more quickly. To date, that the life of engine applications, or a complaint with the erosion is not available.

Only high-rate applications NOS some detonation problems (over 300 HP) use has been due to unconsciousness. For example, 2000 cc.lik 50.000 Km. At a power motor with 100 hp worth install no problem. Your engine will remove it easily relaxed. "But I use the 150 hp then?" If you say you will violate the safety limit. Impact of the explosion in the piston engine you will be tired, therefore forged (forging aluminum) is inserted into the piston is required. 200 hp for the addition of still forged steel piston rod, 250 hp. As for the forged (forging) steel crankshafts will be used. 4-cylinder engine 100 hp in addition to them of course. on ignition systems for professional use and modification kit requires (in the ignition advance must be played with a rotary)? 150 hp exceeding 2 degrees in systems Nos'un for every 50 hp-ROM must be rotara. Of course, the new engine is also used at a greater guarantee stability. Some friends say that the application of such knowledge deficient and unaware they have done, they leave the engine wear is distributed.

Out in public, where the unknown is a false belief ends Nos engine, reduces the life, the strange part is eroded vs. Engine life, is measured by the number of revolutions per minute to 5 million cycles when the bit is going to turn, even in periods 1 Nos never does it. The faster speed allows you to capture only that, if calculated from 20'şer seconds and can play a maximum of 1 week in the life of the engine, in this issue is ridiculous. Very dangerous and harmful, many people killed and the dynamite was hurt and is still used, but not deliberately harm kulanıldığında has benefits. The same principle applies to Nos.

Is to be installed in your car Nos'un half days. Any kind of warranty is available. There is no harm in using absolutely correct. Usually a maximum of 20 seconds is available race mode is a system. You get the most reliable and inexpensive system in your life. Tube can be used 15 times in 20 shots. Finished tubes Habash, Messerali gas, industrial gas filling plants, such as Karboğaz filled or you can send us. NOS kit and some of our friends does not have a second hand car selling due to me of disclosure or change is not within our knowledge is a NOS kit.

How to Obtain the plus hp power should?

A motor fuel made by burning runs and expansion pushes the piston down. To make more horsepower istiyormusanız, more fuel nearby. Engine piston down so that it will push more strongly. Seems very easy but not so. Power to increase, making a complex engineering problem is the many factors, we will consider only the three main principles. Before everything else, all require oxygen for fuel burning. If you want to burn more fuel, more oxygen will be required to provide. Almost all engine performance products, fuel and power by increasing the flow of oxygen raise. Eccentric Games, more bulky carburetors or valves, Porting, intake manifolds, exhaust headers'ları, superchargers, turbo'lar, NOS, and an enhanced engine that shows how the open air are examples (more fuel to burn more oxygen) and this size provide increased horsepower. Oxygen and fuel to increase the flow of nitrous oxide injection system probably is the most effective way. This big horsepower nitrous system is the main reason produced.

Another major power factor of the fuel vapor. As with other race fuel will not light when the liquid fuel. Gas, can also be turned into steam. Be converted into gasoline vapor is an easy process. These matters basically put out to dry without waiting for a glass of water is no different. Evaporation inside the engine is of course very quickly. To be converted to raw gasoline vapor 8000 RPM, enough steam activation of a key update process, engine temperature and fuel atomizasyonudur. Atomization process flow of raw fuel into very small droplets thereby be enlarged due to evaporation of surface evaporation is accelerated. Size of fuel droplets is very important. A big drop on her forehead and small droplets into the gas, in this case a more effective surface area for evaporation are to be expanded. The result is obtained more fuel to burn. A NOS system have been well-designed, with nitro fuel flowing to the motor constitute a very small droplet sizes. That's for this reason more powerful than the NOS system to other systems creates horsepower.

Our third main power factor we will look at the air / fuel mixture is the density. 5000 meters at the gate that never Toros'larda tried to do jogging? Your breath is cut off, right? The height of the atmosphere, sea level is thinner and less density than air is. That reason, go on the road at sea level with İstanbula'da by a truck, the truck went on a road in the Taurus will proceed more slowly. Density, atmospheric pressure (above the atmosphere in your weight), temperature, and is activated by moisture. We can not change the pressure of the atmosphere, but to some degree, the intake charge temperature will be arranged. Cool intercooler'lar fuel can'ler and air / fuel mixture cooled and thus the more intense Bring an extra power will bring. This mixture is what is so more intense and the air cylinder for combustion of fuel and more power creates more compression. Nitrous oxide is injected immediately into liquid into gas and the cold would be too. This cold nitrous vapor to the intake charge temperatures by 65 degrees all manifolddaki up Fahrenheit'a lowers. A mixture of nitrous system to a more intense motor helps to generate much more power.

What is nitrous oxide, what is not?
Nitrous oxide, normal air entering the engine is a more appropriate form. We're just about the weather in the oxygen, producing more power you have attempted to provide additional fuel when you when, how much oxygen will be available on the subject of this action helps to nitrous oxide. Power always comes from the fuel source. Nitrous oxide is not a fuel. Nitrous oxide more than needed for combustion of fuel in the more extra oxygen is useful.

Without more fuel if you add only nitrous oxide, when your engine is using normal combustion of the fuel will proportion accelerated. This situation is very user detonation before the piston causes the ruins. Not nitrodan energy comes from fuel. Simple as nitrous oxide in the same period of time than the large quantities of fuel will allow you to burn, and thus the effect achieved, and the resulting fuel akselerasyonu your vehicle may be at hand for a total amount of energy or power is the great increase. Is no magic oksid'de Nitro. In fact, Nitro'yu of using a larger carburetor, a better manifold, without using a supercharger or a turbocharger is no difference. You understand that you need and your engine is breathing air at sea level of 78% Nitrogen (Nitrogen), of 21% oxygen and 1% other gases has been formed. Nitrous oxide (N2O) in the Earth's atmosphere is made mainly intake of two compounds (the two molecules of nitrogen and one molecule oksijen'dir) and were brought together by a chemical process. Nitrous oxide engine combustion temperature is going to break the chemical compounds of the fuel burning more oxygen is supplied. As you have read all the racing engine under the same principle in steam çalışırlar.Yoğun more air (better breathing, supercharging, Transformers, and nitro) is equal to more power and more fuel.

In terms of cost, may take NOS to a customer the highest performance. NOS system in just a few hundred dollars it provides you with the same amount of money to ensure the extra power karbürasyon, manifold, valve and cylinder valve products, headers, pistons, Porting, polishing, supercharging or turbocharging'e can spend thousands of dollars. But that if you wear the other performance parts does not mean you will not get interest. Taktınızmı NOS system once all the other performance parts nitro'nun power increases. If your money is less and still the best choice if you want even more power is a NOS system. Only a part-time power increase NOS. Be ready when demand for power is a feature of most of the NOS system. If only the driver when he runs. The rest of the normal operation of the engine continues at times. There is no extra stress, extra fuel consumption is no driving is no problem.

What you Get System Kit with a NOS'tan Income?
Removed from the box and you will see between all parts of the NOS system, and the NOS system unless the installation process read the first time in quite a difficult unless you fully recognize there are three things you can.

Integrity: If we have a system capacity of 200 horsepower if we argue, that we designed it this way, tested in this way and that way manufactured is due. If you eager to follow our guidance, we said we'll get a result you'll get.

Quality: NOS'ta There are many things we do every day. Vehicle must have one of our products and systems as was done in the natural environment is needed to keep a strong test of measurement instruments. High standard of our production processes to the needs for more attention we'll show a maximum. New applications of our products along with related recommendations about the performance, listen to what we want to say. Intended for the application in order ensure that they are modern and efficient re-evaluate all of yours suggestions for research and development, our technical staff required to communicate to our staff.

Experience: Approximately twenty years we have to produce NOS systems. Our success as we learn from our failures. Designed and manufactured products we receive this information that we have applied in high doses. Even today wearing one of our systems and you are using may be the first day, but on the road with twenty years of experience are NOS. He is in the box. May not see, but definitely will feel.

And emission of nitrous oxide.

Nitro Oksid'in (N2O) Use of nitrogen oxide air pollutants (NOx) increase does not mean. Of course its only for the race which NOS'un systems, emission control is not legal to use in engines. However, most of the NOS system in the U.S. from 50 states, saying that the document was legally use. Emissions from vehicles using controlled by approved independent laboratory tests have been obtained, the NOS system in the exhaust emissions are bound to prove has not been increased in normal driving conditions. Due to emission control regulations in the engines we recommend the use of emissions permissible NOS kit.

NOS Systems Types:

There are two main types of NOS system. Spray bar plate systems, a plate between the carburetor and manifold used with the Powershot (strong beat), Cheater (deceptive), Big shot (big shot) like. This plate, built-in spray bar from inside the intake manifold nitrous and extra fuel gives channels. Most fuel injection engines and Top Shot for systems such as the nitrous system, plate system are different forms of technology. Plate systems can provide 50 or an extra 400 horsepower. Most of the plate system settings and system settings that can be done to gain horsepower nitrous and fuel jets removable features. Plate systems are used in street and most racing classes. On the other hand, direct port systems as close as possible to the intake valve of the nitrous and extra fuel each suction path is specially designed to allow the injectors, fogger nozzle uses. These systems, while the same amount to each cylinder and fuel drains abundant nitro. Multiple stage direct port systems, some professional racing engines up to 1000 extra HP has increased. All of the systems feature HP NOS direct port and system tuning adjustments (fine tuning) for nitrous and fuel jets are replaceable. Direct port systems as well as up and down every street and race engines for some of the applications kullanılır.Yakıt injection Direct Port nitrous system is an expression of different technology. A system for gas injection type fuel injection to the upper suction path and a direct port nitrous-style nozzle (nozzle) is used. Dry manifold nitrous system and style into a stream of air to be nitro'yu upward while injecting additional fuel, engine fuel injection nozzle by itself is given.

Fine Tuning Your System for NOS (Tuning) to remember a few important considerations necessary.
This statement seems very outdated, the Nitro Is success of your experience, you will fail on the subject probably always will be the number 1 reason. Always before starting any work on your system, read about all the instructions! You can decide something in your engine to be changed or magazine you read in our system that we have different designs you can see something new. Some time to read all instructions carefully. Always start conservative way. Recommend follow our advice about jet combinations and settings if you have a system requiring a minimum level to start from. Change always takes a few minutes jets this reason, starting from the highest level do not take unnecessary risks, your engine is realistic about how much of a force can be removed. Do not go too far here. Parts in your engine, you only know for certain. If you have doubts about these parts, we can call our technical line and our technical staff with experience you high for this particular combination is sure about what helps. If you do not know what your engine in the engine that consists of the contents of the factory installed they are sure that will be most farzedilerek for this application and will choose the right system. Power, fuel comes from. NOS system is running, your system is to supply the additional fuel is adjusted to the amount of extra power. If the fuel is not there any amount of time, not hard and no nitro or something else can not bring her back. Using the system as possible while managing the amount of fuel under the hand is a typical two control; fuel jet sizes and fuel pressure. System when the fuel flow, fuel pressure is read correctly. Some fuel pressure regulator will give incorrect Digit, because the system is not running pressure readings are climbing. When this happens, the actual flowing fuel pressure is lower than anticipated too, will create problems. Faulty ignition or detonation related problems against, ALWAYS first reduce the amount of nitrous jet! Remember that power comes from fuel, not Nitro'dan, by giving fuel to cool to work, simple as giving a little more power and makes the problem complicated. The cooler is operated with a jet carburetor extreme wealth and produces less power. NOS systems are likely to become disgustingly rich jet gives a little more power, so if you encounter problems, firstly the first nitro jet (the jet) to reduce the amount. How to get the answer of your system that you check your spark plugs, the CHECK EACH SPARK, not only easily accessible. Two cylinders in the same way çalışmaz.Nitronun never a characteristic feature is the clean spark plugs, so that was caught later on, such as porcelain gelir.Buji silver particles as small signs of detonation if the amount of nitrous jet lands cord azaltın.Bujinin a bluish-rainbow colors displayed, the nitrous jet given the amount of circumstantial evidence azaltın.Eğer soil hattları melting, you reduce the amount of nitrous jet and a shorter and thicker than the spark plug with ground. In case you change anything if your system suddenly starts to rule out problems often disrupts a clogged nitrous or fuel filitresidir. The instructions supplied with your system and fuel filter elements where nitro brochure indicates that, check them periodically. When you encounter a problem you can not understand or can not repair do not hesitate to call us. To get the best results from your NOS system we are here.


Simulator output, cars and people were saved. That would be so at least we can say. Thanks to both better people because of traffic simulators to learn how to use tools, learn and do not harm others derken ...

Air bags first came out was considered a revolution indeed. Think, would make an accident and your head instead of hitting anywhere in the car, front throw a bag full of indoor air like the real bag is struck and seriously injured would get rid of. It really did wonders.

However, with advancing technology, people, saw some disadvantages of the air bag. For example, the child began to spread to cause death. Then whenever it needed to be said was not opened. Perform adequate protection in an accident, even as not even been told. This new generation air bags in vehicles for increasing the number of hectares to one was bad news ...

Automobile manufacturers, these rumors and decided not to leave shoes are easy on the news. Among the indispensable elements on security to protect the air bag that they have thought. Perhaps a joint decision was taken, but unaware of each other, these attempts continued their manufacturers. First, child mortality for news on the front passenger seat can be canceled by request began to put air bags.

Then, working in partnership smart air bag weight sensor was time to migrate. The sensor placed on the front passenger seat, a dog from the sit on the chair, do a child or adult is detected, and the air bag to be opened by him were held. Accordingly violence adjustable air cushions arrived. Multiplied according to the severity of the air bag deployment speed could also change. A slight decrease rate was multiplied opened. That was to avoid injuries due to airbags.

Unsafe and not adequate for protecting the air bag also said that a solution was found. For this purpose, a larger air bags were included in the circuit. That size has grown. Therefore, further increase the protective function of target.

However, they did not yet. Many additional functions related to air bag was developed. Buffer for pedestrians from the front of the windshield and thrown from the airbags, knee airbags, such as for. Will understand, no salvation from the air bag. On the contrary, in more places you'll find picture ...



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